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Startup Recruitment

Drive awareness and increase applications to your program, our team will help you outreach and recruit top companies and vet inbound submissions.

Define ideal applicant and we'll do the rest.

Whether you need a last minute increase in the number of applications or are launching a new program and want to start filling the pipeline, the KITE analyst team will work with you to define the ideal target and we'll run the process to recruit the best startups:

  • Collaborate, define and identify the innovation sectors of high interest
  • Ideal startup profile, size, and capabilities 
  • Locate and market-size applicable innovation sectors and verticals 
  • Regional/geographical requirements
  • Competitive, legal or other considerations

Ensure the best companies apply to your program.

Our team will do the heavy lifting and outreach to thousands of companies and industry players to drive awareness and followup to ensure the best companies complete your application process and submit an application for your program.

  • Identify top ideal partners that specifically meet defined criteria
  • Manage outreach campaigns and promotion to startup network  
  • Individual recruitment of potential partners to apply 
  • Encourage participation to their network 
  • Ensure high quality applications to the program

Ready to supercharge your scouting efforts?

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