Our mission is to connect you to the best partners

We love solving real problems and linking together amazing companies. We hold ourselves to a very high standards while not taking ourselves too seriously.

What is KITE Scouting?

KITE is the leading scouting service for enterprises. Incorporate the KITE team into your existing workflow to source companies faster and with more confidence. By seamlessly slotting into your existing process, KITE, reduces the need for full-time employees and analysts and introduces new, effective ways to quickly locate partners against your briefs.

From our inception, the KITE vision was clear: unite all parts of the innovation ecosystem. We started by sourcing startups for open innovation programs and early corporate accelerator programs. Now, we source companies for many different business units across the enterprise.

How we built KITE Scouting

We have built KITE with valuable insights from and working closely with our customers. Along the way, we discovered that all enterprise share a similar process and have similar needs when it comes to sourcing companies.

Today, KITE scouting is leveraged in nearly every sector, including CPG, insurance, financial services, government, pharma, media and entertainment, manufacturing, sports and more.

We Rise Together

As we add awesome new people to our team, we constantly return to “We Rise Together”— the mantra we adopted early on and that informs everything we do.

Our Partners

Leading enterprises rely on KITE Scouting

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