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about us

Market leaders use KITE Scouting to future-proof their businesses.

Access venture-quality analysts when you need it, bringing confidence and speed to your scouting process without the additional headcount. 

our story

Our consultancy started back in 2013

From our inception, the KITE vision was clear: unite all parts of the ecosystem. We started by recruiting startups for early corporate accelerators and open innovation programs. 

KITE Scouting has since grown into the leading scouting service for all. We now research and recruit companies for many different business units across the enterprise and are leveraged by every sector, including CPG, insurance, financial services, government, pharma, media, entertainment, manufacturing, sports and more.


The core values behind our work

Our mission is to help you navigate the complex constantly growing ecosystem to locate with the best partners, investment and acquisitions that can fuel the optimization and growth of your business. 

We have built KITE Scouting by working closely with our customers. We've discovered that all enterprises share a similar process and have similar needs when it comes to sourcing companies. We have become expert at this process, so you can access exhaustive information when needed and drive maximum business impact.


You bring the opportunities and briefs. We help define your focus areas and criteria to ensure an effective search.


We run company searches, compare and contrast partners, define capabilities and assess fit against your needs.


You receive custom in-depth reports that provide you with the confidence to make better partnership decisions.


We Rise Together

As we add new people to our team, new clients to our roster, and more founders to our network, we constantly return to “We Rise Together” — the mantra we adopted early on and that informs everything we do.

Ready to supercharge your scouting efforts?

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