Flexible research and recruitment solutions that expand your capabilities. 

Extend your team with venture-quality research enabling you to locate and strategically analyze vendors, partners, investments and acquisitions faster and with more confidence. 

KITE Scouting helps the Fortune 1000 enterprises better source startups and navigate the startup ecosystem.
Why Choose Us

We help the world's most innovative companies navigate the startup ecosystem.

We source and recruit companies for the top enterprises, consultancies and accelerators. Our model is designed to help you:

Access flexible on-demand research when you need it.
Ensure the best startups apply to your program.
Receive custom analysis to help you make better decisions.
Make sense of the complex startup ecosystem.

10,000+ startups

recruited for the multiple leading Open Innovation Programs.


custom built and delivered to our clients over the past ten years.

research tools

leveraged by our analyst team to ensure you receive compressive results.


among our clients because we customize our output to achieve maximum impact.

Use Cases

See how our clients use KITE

While the scouting process and support we provide tends to be standardize, we custom design all deliverables to align with each client specific needs. Ensuring cost effective delivery that achieves the desired outcome.

R&D Team

On-Demand Company Recommendations

KITE analysts provides on-demand company recommendations and analysis when needed. We have sourced over 1,000 companies in over 30 focus areas - resulting in multiple direct engagements.

Partnerships Team

Ongoing Tagging & Analysis

KITE analysts feed assess and surface an ongoing pipeline of companies that fit the predefined criteria. We built a 20+ data-point taxonomy and tagged 600+ relevant companies in the first month of engagement. 

Innovation Team

Open Innovation Program Support

KITE analysts support open innovation recruitment and vetting to ensure high quality applications. In six years, we've recruited 10k+ companies across multiple programs resulting in hundreds of partnerships. 

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