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This KITE Market Scan covers the top players working across Payments, Customer Engagement, Supply Chain, and Operations for the retail sector

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73 companies were identified as part of this analysis - 21 of these were selected as “Top Companies” and will be the focus of this report. Top Companies were chosen based on the robustness of their current offerings, advances in certain RetailTech solutions and innovative platforms. These are the early and growth stage leaders and disruptors in the space and consist of companies located around the world.

Of the 21 Top Companies, there are 5 that rise above the rest: Dexterity, NTWRK, Archive, Aifi, and ThreeKit.


NTWRK offers tools that allow creators to interact with viewers and sell products in real time. The experience blends commerce with entertainment, as viewers watch and chat with other viewers and hosts in real time while shopping for clothes, shoes, collectibles, and other items. NTWRK also features product drops and has embraced live events and virtual festivals as another way to engage audiences.

NTWRK differentiates itself through its deep network of partnerships with leading companies (Panera, Hulu, Foot Locker) and celebrities (Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Odell Beckham Jr., Gary Vee). The platform can be viewed as a mix of QVC, Twitter and Twitch - this flexibility allows it to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

NTWRK raised $50M in September 2021 and has continued to build its platform and large network of partnerships. As part of its innovation strategy, the company is taking minority stakes in companies developing disruptive experiences and services for the next generation of luxury consumers. NTWRK continues to focus on its core demographic of Gen-Z and Millennial audiences who are interested in pop culture.


Dexterity’s robotic SaaS product solutions equip commodity robots with vision, touch, and contextual intelligence to handle unstructured piles of goods with human-like dexterity and speed. Specifically, Dexterity’s solutions excel at handling the hardest to grasp items in any warehouse without requiring expensive and bulky auxiliary infrastructure. Dexterity’s full-stack approach includes software, hardware design and integration, deployment, and 24/7 support with a performance guarantee for customers as they scale up.

Dexterity’s robots use artificial intelligence, advanced control theory, computer vision, and the sense of touch to adapt quickly, making them safe to work alongside humans. Unlike other companies, Dexterity’s system is designed to integrate into existing warehouses, rather than introduce a new full ground-up approach. The platform transforms traditional single task-focused industrial arms into multi-tasking, collaborative, problem-solving robots.

Dexterity raised $140M in October 2021 - most of this funding is being used to deploy its first thousand robots into warehouse settings. Dexterity’s fleet of installed robots have moved over 14 million items across 50,000+ product SKUs at its customers’ sites over the past two years.


Archive offers a complete “operating system” for brands to power their own resale experience in a resource and capital-light way. Through each customized resale marketplace, consumers can buy and sell secondhand styles directly from a company’s e-commerce site alongside new inventory – reflecting an integrated shopping experience. Archive simplifies the ability for brands to reclaim their resale market, which can provide an additional sustainable revenue stream. Archive can also predict the best time to sell specific items, suggest pricing, easily integrate into a company’s CRM and share insights with brands to improve quality and UX.

The company currently has a pipeline of 100 brands and already powers resale programs for leading fashion brands including M.M.LaFleur, Filippa K., Dagne Dover, The North Face, and Oscar de la Renta.


AiFi is a Series B, California based company that has developed a store automation platform intended to deliver auto-checkout operations for retailers of any size.

AiFi’s platform works with global retailers to create customized autonomous shopping experiences with flexible integration and entry options to meet retailers where they are in their digital transformation journey, enabling customers to have a reliable, cost-effective, and entirely contactless autonomous shopping experience. AiFi touts its autonomous platform, making AI retail possible. Its OASIS platform uses machine learning and computer vision to enable autonomous stores.

With AiFi, customers can transform an existing store, create a new store, or deploy a ready to-go store. AiFi solutions can be installed in parts of an existing store while maintaining the same experience. Likewise, AiFi technology can be installed and integrated with other store systems and gives the optionality to drop a fully autonomous store to match a brand.


ThreeKit is a Chicago based, AR/VR company serving retailers with a visualization platform intended to create interactive image and video experiences. The company’s platform focuses on design, collaboration and iteration of VR assets at a scale that combines innovation, expertise and delivers high-quality solutions that boost online customer engagement and conversions, enabling brands to produce interactive three-dimensional experiences.

ThreeKit features a 3D product configuration platform that allows users to visualize and sell their product catalogs in 3D, augmented reality, and virtual photography. ThreeKit has allowed users to fully visualize and display every angle and aspect of their product and product catalog. The company’s platform also features a range of e-commerce related integrations and resources.

ThreeKit has enabled what it refers to as Real Visual Commerce. The results of the company’s product speak for themselves - achieving 2x increase in conversion, a 20% increase in average cart value, and a 30% increase in qualified pipeline for clients. ThreeKit has directly impacted visual commerce and allows brands to create visual experience that put customers in control - all while cutting costs and optimizing sales channels.

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