Consumer Sentiment Analysis Through Images

This KITE Market Scan covers the top players in the emerging image-based sentiment analysis market; including TalkWalker, NetBase Quid, and Synthesio.

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Social listening and social media analytics as a way of marketing has been very popular since the rise of universal platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of the existing products, however, use natural language processing (NLP) to breakdown and analyze exclusively text. With the growing popularity in photo-based posts and ‘memes’, companies have found it useful analyzing pictures and imagery to develop a better understand of their consumer base and product opinion. The companies featured in this report offer image analytics as a part of, or the only part of, social listening services. Most of the companies leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to engage a large amount of content and extract as much data as possible regarding the brand, the surrounding scenery, and the characteristics of the actors featured. The KITE analyst team identified a total of 22 companies for the purpose of this report. Of those 22 companies, the team selected the ‘top 8’ that best fit the brief ask and the focus. From there, we chose our ‘top 3’. The top 3 companies are TalkWalker, NetBase Quid, and Synthesio.

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